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2008-03-06 15:02:12 by TheThing

*Note: I'll update specifics when I get home.

**Note: I'm sorry if information isn't completely accurate right now; we spend hour after hour learning and working that it seems like each day is broken into 3 different days.

That title is where I'm at right now. It's going on in Washington, D.C. at the 4-H Convention Center. I can post, but I can't watch flashes; not only do I not trust the flash plug-in and power of this computer, but also I don't want to let everyone know what I'm doing.

Each year they have a different subject that they go over, and this year is National Defense. I'm going to be going to Quantico, the Marine Training Base, on Thursday. The rest will be debating, eating, sleeping, and just chilling.

I'll post pictures of my adventures and campus and whatnot when I get home.


For those that read and didn't post, it's now later. I'll post information day by day, starting with arrival day:

Day 1: Really just a day to find out about everything; who's in your little 20-25 person group, what you're going to be doing for the week, and how to get around. Found out that this place is like school, only you're in the same classroom for 3 hours, and take a field trip to the capital everyday.

After learning, I went to the social; headed down to the rec room for it. It was alright; played some pool and air hockey for a while before having to back to my room

Day 2: Got up, went to an NSAM (national security assessment meeting, or something close to that; its the school part) like I did on Day 1's night. We then went on to Capital Hill; the place where the US Congress, Supreme Court, and Library of Congress is. Wasn't able to get to the Congress building, but I did see the other 2. Very impressive buildings.

The rest of the day was spent learning about the simulation we have to do, along with aspects of National Security and what is needed to get a National Security plan together, along with picking a position for the simulation (President, News Corrispondent, etc.).

Day 3: After getting up early, I left at 7 AM to get to Quantico at 8. I spent the rest of the day (until 3 PM) going around the Marine base, checking out the important figure transport helicopters, attack dogs, mess hall, weapon simulation room (got to try the Pistol and M16 out), and the Marine Museum.

I got back at 4, chilled for a while, ate dinner, then went to another NSAM, discussing first what happened at each field trip (you got to pick which of 5 or 6 places you wanted to go), then the simulation. After that, we got to talk to for 1.5 hours to a person who is knowledgable in 1 of 15 current issues. I got (essentially; went by a different name) the History of Intelligence. There was a ranking list, but no one even got one of their top 5 choices. But Major General Stan Hyman was the greatest 80 year old I've ever met; he was actually funny, and just talked about what he did for 40-50 years in the Intelligence field. Then we asked questions about him and current intelligence debacles (Iraq mainly).


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2008-03-10 22:14:01

So, they're doing the whole 'we must unite the old with the young' thing now? Sounds like you had a nice trip. What kind of pistol was it?

TheThing responds:

Uniting the old with the young? What the hell are you talking about?

It was a nice trip, although I did leave out about 4 days, since they had blocked NG after that, and I haven't gotten around to completing it.

It was just the standard issue pistol for Marines; a Berretta. Don't remember the model, but it was a Berretta